Sheriff's Office

Detention Services

Detention Services is a division of the Sheriff’s Office which is comprised of a trained staff, dedicated to protecting the public by providing a secure and safe environment to house and manage inmates. The facility was constructed in 2009 and is a 106 bed maximum security facility which houses adult male and female inmates.  The center participates in the N.C. Statewide Misdemeanor Confinement Program and houses post-trial inmates serving their sentences.  The Detention Center is located at 206 Glen Road, Troy, NC 27371 and may be contacted at 910-576-4261.  

Visitation Schedules

Inmates are allowed two 15 minute video visits per week.  The hours of visitation are from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM (Excluding holidays)

Monday                    All inmates housed in Red Dorm

Wednesday              All inmates housed in Green Dorm

Friday                       All inmates housed in Orange / Blue / Observation Dorms

Commissary Services

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office provides commissary services through Kimble’s Commissary to provide inmate's with their personal and institutional needs.  An inmate’s family or friends may deposit funds into an inmate’s trust account by visiting the kiosk in the lobby of the detention center 24 hours a day or by visiting

Inmate Mail

If you wish to correspond with an inmate of the detention center, please address it in the name of the inmate c/o Montgomery County Detention Center 206 Glen Road, Troy, NC 27371.  Please note no packages may be received only letters. 

Medical Services

The center provides medical care through a partnership with Southern Health Partners, Inc. to provide physician and nursing care as well as laboratory and x-ray services.  The center also utilizes area hospitals for emergencies and advanced procedures.