Montgomery County Inspections and Planning
Inspections and Planning
219 South Main Street
P.O. Box 643
Troy, N.C. 27371
Phone: (910) 572-3304
Fax: (910) 576-0043
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Montgomery County Planning Department Fee Rates and FAQs

Conditional Use Permit $300.00
Rezoning - Commercial $300.00
Rezoning - Industrial $300.00
Rezoning - Residential $250.00
Subdivisions $250.00
Text Amendment $500.00
Variance $250.00
Zoning Permit - Commercial $75.00
Zoning Permit - Industrial $75.00
Zoning Permit - Residential $25.00



-Building and Zoning Permits are issued Daily Mon-Fri, 8am-10am ONLY.

-A Plat Review is required before your information can be recorded at the Register of deeds.

- Any new structure or additions requiring a Building permit will also require a Zoning permit.

Please call the Montgomery County Inspection/Planning Dept. 910-572-3304 for further information.

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