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Boil Water Advisory 09/05/2019 Rescinded

On Thursday evening, September 5th 2019 Montgomery County Public Utilities issued a boil water advisory to its Water customers located in southeastern Montgomery County. This advisory was related to a telecommunications contractor damaging a major water transmission line causing widespread outages for water customers in southeastern Montgomery County. The repairs have been made and the services are restored to the customers.

 Laboratory analyses of water samples have confirmed that the water is safe for human consumption and it is no longer advised to boil water used for human consumption.

 Customers may continue to see some discoloration and air in the lines. These do not represent a public health risk in and of themselves. Customers may flush their lines by opening a tap. If problems persist, please notify Montgomery County Public Utilities at 910-439-6197.

 This information is being relayed through Reverse 911 notices. Please relay information to neighbors in the affected areas to insure notification. This announcement will also be posted on the County’s website at If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Montgomery County Public Utilities 910-439-6197.