Montgomery County Social Services

County Social Services
102 East Spring Street
Drawer N
Troy, NC 27371
Phone: (910) 576-6531
Fax: (910) 576-5016
CPS Fax: (910) 571-9788

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Agency Operations - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Administrative Support Services
DSS Staff Attorney

Medicaid (Medical Assistance) Program

Family and Children Medicaid
NC Health Choice (NCHC)
Adult Medicaid

Work First Program – Montgomery County Welfare Reform

Work First Family Assistance (WFFA)
Work First Employment Services
Work First Program - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Child Care Services
Subsidized Child Care Program - Local Payment Policies
Food Stamp Program
Food Stamp Program - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Program Integrity (Fraud Investigations & Claims Collections)
Energy Assistance Programs
Child Support Enforcement Program
Child Support - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Child Support – Glossary of Terms

Children and Family Services Program

Child Protective Services - Investigations
Child Protective Services - Family Casemanagement Services
Children and Family Services: Foster Home Licensing & Placement
Children and Family Services: Adoptions
Adult Services Program
Adult Social Services: Protective Services
Adult Social Services: Adult Care Homes (ACH) Licensing & Monitoring
Adult Social Services: Guardianship
Medicaid Transportation



On behalf of our outstanding and dedicated employees, it is with pleasure and pride that I share with you information about the Montgomery County Department of Social Services (MCDSS). Our Department and our partner agencies are committed to creating new and innovative ways to serve those in need in our County, as well as reaching out to prospective employees, the media and the general public. We are pleased that you are interested in learning more about the county's largest department. The Montgomery County Department of Social Services employs 63 staff with an annual total operating budget of more than $45 million, all working toward the goal of making lives better for the citizens of Montgomery County.

The mission of the Montgomery County Department of Social Services is to ensure the health and safety of children and adults who cannot protect themselves, to help parents and caregivers provide nurturing homes, and to help people in need of financial assistance reach their highest level of social and economic self-sufficiency. The agency's goal is to help people live better lives. It is the basic foundation of our commitment to improve the quality of life for our citizens.

These are exciting and challenging times for social service agencies. We are called upon to address the critical needs of our clients and at the same time accommodate the harsh realities of fiscal responsibility. O ur broad array of services affects the lives of more than seven thousand Montgomery County citizens of all communities, ages and income levels.

We protect children who have been victims of devastating abuse and neglect. We provide children with safe and nurturing homes when they cannot live with their families. We help families move toward economic independence. We help people find employment and be able to leave public assistance. We help families and individuals meet their basic needs for food and medical assistance. And we help elderly residents to remain safe and independent in the community. We accomplish all this and much more by working in concert with those we serve and our many governmental, nonprofit, business and community partners.

More than ever before, we need the involvement of the whole community to do this important work. We challenge you to become involved in our efforts. If you are not already one of our foster parents, one of our transportation volunteers, one of our partner organizations, or one of our supporters, we need you to join us as we continue to build stronger families and individual citizens in Montgomery County.

James S. “Jim” Sanders
County Director
Montgomery County DSS

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