Montgomery County Water Department
Water Department
102 East Spring Street
P.O. Box 425
Troy, N.C.
Phone: (910) 576-4221
Fax: (910) 576-4566
Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM


Water service to municipalities and residences in rural areas shall be billed at the following rate schedule for water usage during each month:

First 2,000 gallons @ $17.00 (Minimum)
2,000 to 20,000 Gallons @ $6.75 per 1000 Gallons
20,000 to One Million Gallons @ $7.00 per 1000 Gallons
All Over One Million Gallons @ $8.00 per 1000 Gallons
Outside of County Bulk Sales @ $2.85 per 1000 Gallons


Minimum @ $38.00 (No Minimum)
Per Thousand to One Million @ $7.40 per 1000 Gallons
All Over One Million Gallons @ $2.65 per 1000 Gallons


Inside of County Bulk Sales @ $2.65 per 1000 Gallons
Carolina Water Services @ $2.85 per 1000 Gallons
Outside of County Bulk Sales @ $2.85 per 1000 Gallons


1000 gallons $ 2.65 per 1000 gallons


Q. Where is your office located?

A. 3rd Floor - County Administration Building (building behind the courthouse) 102 East Spring Street, Troy, N.C.

Q. Do I have county or town water?

A. If you live outside the city limits, and you have a water meter, you are a county water customer.

Q. Who do I report a leak to?

A. If you have a leak between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. call 910-576-4221. If after 5:00 call 910-439-6197. You can also visit our website at and click on the link to report water leaks.

Q. How many gallons can I use before I go over the minimum water bill?

A. You can use up to 2000 gallons before you go over the minimum waterbill.

Q. How much is a new water tap?

A. 3/4" tap is $950; a 1" tap is $1300; and a 2" tap is $2500; any tap larger than a 2" will have to be calculated by our water maintenance supervisor.

Q. I am moving, what do I do about having my water disconnected?

A. You need to call our office and ask us to read and lock your meter. You will need to know your forwarding address and new phone number as well.

* If you are on one of our new water lines, you need to know the above information as well as the new owner’s name and address.

Q. Can I access my account information online?

A. At the present time this service is not offered.

Q. Can I transfer my deposit fee from one county water system account to another county water system account?

A. Yes, however, your account has to be paid in full. Also, the water will need to be turned off in the location you are moving from the same day as the water in your new location is turned on. If you need water in both places an additional deposit fee is required.

Q. Does Montgomery County Water System offer an automatic draft?

A. Yes, automatic draft form can be found at Online Forms an Downloads page of our web site.

Q. Do you have a night deposit box?

A. A night deposit box is located in front of the Administration Building on 102 East Spring Street in Troy.

Q. What can I do to get County Water on my road?

A. You can contact our office to get a petition to have signed for water for your road.

Q. Do I have to apply in person?

A. Yes. A copy of our application is available online for you to print out and bring with you along with your deposit fee and two forms of identification.

Q. If my water is off, will it damage my hot water heater and do I need to cut my water heater off until the water comes back on?

A. As long as all of your hot water outlets/spigots are off, your water heater should be fine. If all outlets are off, the water heater will not empty.


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