Sample Itineraries

Off Roading Day Trip

SATURDAY (Or whenever!)

9am - 10am
Rise and shine and make the short trip to the Uwharrie Forest for some off road excitement today. With Interstates 85, 73 and 74 all about 30 minutes away from the Forest, it is easy to get here from anywhere. A popular meeting place Saturday mornings is the Eldorado Outpost on Highway 109 You can pick up your OHV passes and just about anything else you might need. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner; have ice bags for coolers and about a jillion other things that range from necessary to just plain cool! Located right on Highway 109, it is easy to find your friends in the big parking lot if you are meeting anyone or you can gas up the vehicles!

The 17+ miles of dedicated OHV trails are just down the road and plentiful to choose from. If you ever decide to do an overnight trip, the accommodations range from primitive tent camping (virtually anywhere in the Uwharries) all the way up to full service campsites with RV hook ups showers, electricity, grills and water spigots. or 877 444-6777 There are even some really nice campsites for those with horses and trailers! There are even cabins and lodges right in the forest to rent or hotel rooms less than 30 minutes away. or 800 516-2309.

11am - 1pm
The first thing you notice is that there is plenty of room in the parking lot for loading and unloading any vehicles brought on trailers. We are unloading ATV’s and side by sides today as these trails easily accommodate both. The Uwharrie National Forest trails are widely considered to be the best off-road vehicle trails in the state and some of the best in the southeastern US! These are especially good for the Jeep type vehicles as there are rocks to climb and obstacles that can make you utilize your driving talent rather than just flying down a wooded trail. There are various terrains and obstacles making for a great time. Of course the ride isn’t complete without a picture at “Poser Rock.” Most folks get at least a couple of wheels up poser rock and stop for a quick pic.

1pm - 1:30pm
We are back at the vehicle grabbing a much needed quick food and beverage break. The trails are utilized more in the spring and fall, but even in the dead of summer, the canopy of trees provides tons of shade making it comfortable and the winter months almost makes the trails seem completely different because of the change in terrain from fallen leaves and the bare trees.

1:30pm - 4:30pm
We are back at it tackling some different trails and even going over some of the previous trails at a different angle and pace. Man it doesn’t get much better than this whether you are driving or a passenger. Of course we take turns driving when we don’t bring a separate vehicle for everyone. Also, don’t forget that a PERFECT Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift could be lessons from the Uwharrie Off Road Training Center. Director Scott Fields and his staff have trained thousands of civilians and military personnel over the years.;; (336) 906-1644. They also have events to participate in or watch nearly every weekend. Whether it is the Uwharrie Jeep Jamboree, the 36-hours of Uwharrie Relay race or something else… it is going on in the Uwharries!

4:30pm - 6:30pm
Another bite to eat and then we take one more drive through before heading home. It is perfect to come here and get several runs in and still be home before dark!