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4-wheel Fantasies Come True in Montgomery County! Enjoy Our Trails and Roads Everyday.

Whether you prefer off-roading or driving on paved roads surrounded by beautiful scenery in your 4-wheel drive vehicle, Montgomery County is the place where 4-wheel fantasies come true!

*Off Road? They don't just name vehicles for your area if you aren't the real deal! Yes there is a 2017 Uwharrie Edition Jeep named for the Uwharrie National Forest here that yields 17+ miles of Off Road trails! The trails are open from April 1 to mid December ranging from easy to moderate to difficult.

*Driving on Roads? The Uwharrie Jeep was built for the ultimate on-road handling and uncompromising off-road capabilities but you can drive our roads in any vehicle and enjoy the views as most of the 80 square miles of the Uwharrie National Forest and three lakes (Badin Lake, Falls Lake and Lake Tillery) are in Montgomery County making for beautiful scenic driving. We value our Off Road friends and periodically honor them with events like a Go Topless Jeep Day and many of them volunteer their time to drive dignitaries in various area parades. Come join the 4-wheel fun in MoCo!