Welcome to Montgomery County, North Carolina

Welcome to the new Montgomery County website. We have completely redesigned our website with you in mind. Our new website is now mobile friendly.

We have redesigned our website navigation to be more uniform across the entire website. No matter where you are on our website you will see the new navigation bar at the top of the screen. Just hover your mouse over it, or tap it on a mobile device, and the menu will expand to show you all available options.

There is a second navigation area on the more complex pages that will show you links that are relevant to the page you are viewing. This navigation area will show up on the right hand side of the page for high resolution devices and on the bottom of the page for lower resolution devices, such as a smart phone.

The information on this website is provided and maintained by employees of the Montgomery County Government. We continually strive to make sure the information contained in this website is as accurate as possible.