Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is the County’s general governing body, but it shares authority over many governmental functions carried on at the County level with other elected county officials and several semiautonomous boards and agencies. The board’s major responsibilities lie in three functions:

  • establishment of overall fiscal policy through its taxing and spending powers,

  • regulation of private conduct through its ordinance-making powers, and

  • general administration.

The Board of Commissioners also approves appointments to many Committees and Boards that govern and/or advise the services provided in Montgomery County.

Source Handbook For North Carolina County Commissioners, Ferrell 3rd edition.


Meet Your Commissioners

Wayne Wooten, Chairman
PO Box 357
Biscoe, NC 27209
910-428-2472 (home)
910-220-0197 (mobile)
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Jim Matheny, Commissioner
105 Cheecks Mill Park
New London, NC 28127
336-461-1558 (home)
336-301-0127 (mobile)
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Dottie Robinson, Commissioner
200 Balsam Circle
Troy, NC  27371
910-572-3301 (home)
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Mike Criscoe, Commissioner
234 J-Bob Lane
Biscoe, NC 27209
910-571-2902 (mobile)
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Harvey Mack, Commissioner
980 Windblow Road
Jackson Springs, NC  27281
910-974-4456 (home)
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