Animal Services

To report a stray or nuisance animal please call (910)-572-3067 or email your name, phone number, description of animal, and address of the last known location of the animal to

In the event of dangerous or injured animals please call 911.

Animal Control officers work 8A - 5P Monday - Friday.

To visit the Montgomery County Animal Shelter for inquiries about adoptions, or to surrender an animal, please note the following times the shelter is open to the public:

           Sunday - Wednesday appointment only, and Thursday - Saturday 1-4pm 

The Montgomery County Animal Shelter is located at 442 Landfill Road off Hwy 24/27 West of Troy.

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Animal Control Officers:

Allen Austin

Amber Morton

Review our Animal Ordinances

Exotic Animal Ordinance

Animal Nuisance Ordinance

Dangerous Dog Ordinance

North Carolina rabies law requires that all owned dogs, cats and ferrets must be vaccinated against rabies by four months of age. Click here for more info. 

 Click here for general info about animal welfare.