Public Utilities

Public Utilities - Billing and Customer Service

444 North Main Street (Lower Level)
P.O. Box 425
Troy, NC  27371

Phone: (910) 572-1221
Fax: (910) 572-1223

Public Utilities - Operations

724 Hydro Road
Mt. Gilead, NC  27306
Phone: (910) 439-6197
Fax: (910) 439-9488

Rate Schedule

Rates are set annually by the Board of County Commissioners usually at the same time the annual budget is adopted. Current rates for each customer type are listed below and are billed monthly:  


Base Charge (0 - 2,000 gallons) = $17.00/month
Low (2,001 - 20,000 gallons) = $7.00/1,000 gallons
Medium (20,001 - 1,000,000 gallons) = $7.25/1,000 gallons
High (>1,000,000 gallons) = $8.25/1,000 gallons


Base Charge = $38.00/month
Low (0-1,000,000 gallons) = $7.40/1,000 gallons
High (>1,000,000 gallons) = $2.99/1,000 gallons

Bulk Rates (Governmental)

Biscoe = $2.99/1,000 gallons
Candor = $2.99/1,000 gallons
Mt. Gilead = $2.99/1,000 gallons
Star = $2.99/1,000 gallons
Troy = $2.99/1,000 gallons

Bulk Rates (Non-Governmental)

Carolina Forest = $3.19/1,000 gallons
Woodrun = $3.19/1,000 gallons

Bulk Rates (Out of County - Robbins)

Base Charge(0 - 3,900,000 gallons) = $11,661.00/month
Usage (>3,900,000 gallons) = $2.99/1,000 gallons


Q. When are bills due?

A. Bills are due on the 15th of each month.  They are late after the 20th at 5:00pm. Balances not paid by 5:00pm on the 20th will be considered past due and a Late Fee will be applied to the account . If past due balances, along with current charges are not paid by 5:00pm on the 15th of the following month, a Delinquent Fee will be applied to the account and service will be shut off. (See the Fee Schedule located on the Public Utilities Documents page for current Late and Delinquent Fee amounts)

Q. Where or how do I pay?

A. We offer several payment options for your convenience:

  1. Automatic Draft      (free; enrolment forms available under "Forms") 
  2. On-Line                 (free; enrolment forms available under "Forms")
  3. Bill Pay                 (available through most banks / financial institutions)
  4. Night Deposit Box  (located at 102 E. Spring St.; a new location at 444 N. Main St. coming soon; check only - please include acct.# on check memo line)
  5. Regular Mail         (fees set by USPS)
  6. Pay In Person      (444 N. Main St., Troy, NC 27371 - lower level)

Q. Do I have county or town water?

A. Generally, if you live outside the city limits, and you have a water meter, you are a county water customer.

Q. How do I apply for service and how much will it cost?

A. You may apply for service by filling out a Utility Service Application available on the Public Utilities Documents page. A Deposit is required. You may also be required to pay a Tap Fee if one does not exist at your service location.  Tap, Deposit, and other fees are set annually by the Board of County Commissioners. Please see the Fee Schedule located on the Public Utilities Documents page for current rates and fees.

Q. I am moving, what do I do about having my water disconnected?

A. At least three days prior to needing service terminated, notify our Billing & Customer Service office. You will need to provide your forwarding address,and phone number. Also provide the landlord's (or new owner's) name, phone number, and address. We will read and lock your meter on the date requested, and a final bill will be issued.

Q. What can I do to get County Water on my road?

A. Please contact the Billing & Customer Service office to receive a Petition For Water Service. We will be glad to evaluate your situation and walk you through the process.

Q. Do I have to apply in person?

A. No. Utility Service Applications are available on the Public Utilities Documents page. Please complete and email or fax to the Billing and Customer Service office. Once an account has been set up in our system, you may make deposits or pay tap fees through any of our payment options. If you have any questions, or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact Billing and Customer Service.  

Q. Who do I report a leak to?

A. If you notice a leak between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM call Billing and Customer Service at (910) 572-1221. If after 5:00 PM call Operations at (910) 439-6197. You can also report via email to or simply click here.