Public Utilities

Locations and Contact Information

Public Utilities - Billing and Customer Service

102 East Spring Street
P.O. Box 425
Troy, NC  27371
Phone: (910)576-4221
Fax: (910)576-4566

Public Utilities - Water Plant

724 Hydro Road
Mt. Gilead, NC  27306
Phone: (910)439-6197
Fax: (910)439-9488

Rate Schedule

Water service to municipalities and residences in rural areas shall be billed at the following rate schedule for water usage during each month:


Base Charge(0-2,000 gallons) = $17.00/month
Low(2,010-20,000 gallons) = $7.00/1,000 gallons
Medium(20,010-1,000,000 gallons) = $7.25/1,000 gallons
High(>1,000,000 gallons) = $8.25/1,000 gallons


Base Charge = $38.00/month
Low(0-1,000,000 gallons) = $7.40/1,000 gallons
High(>1,000,000 gallons) = $2.99/1,000 gallons

Bulk Rates (Governmental)

Biscoe = $2.99/1,000 gallons
Candor = $2.99/1,000 gallons
Mt. Gilead = $2.99/1,000 gallons
Star = $2.99/1,000 gallons
Troy = $2.99/1,000 gallons

Bulk Rates (Non-Governmental)

Carolina Forest = $3.19/1,000 gallons
Woodrun = $3.19/1,000 gallons

Bulk Rates (Out of County - Robbins)

Base Charge(0-3,750,000 gallons) = $11,512.50/month
Medium(3,751,000-5,850,000 gallons) = $3.07/1,000 gallons
High(>5,850,000 gallons) = $6.14/1,000 gallons


Q. Do I have county or town water?

A. If you live outside the city limits, and you have a water meter, you are a county water customer.

Q. Who do I report a leak to?

A. If you have a leak between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM call 910-576-4221. If after 5:00 PM call 910-439-6197. You can also email or click here to send a report in via email.

Q. How much is a new water tap?

A. 3/4" tap is $950; a 1" tap is $1300; and a 2" tap is $2500; any tap larger than a 2" will have to be calculated by our water maintenance supervisor.

Q. I am moving, what do I do about having my water disconnected?

A. You need to call our office and ask us to read and lock your meter. You will need to know your forwarding address,new phone number, and the new owner's name and address.

Q. Does Montgomery County Public Utilities offer an automatic draft?

A. Yes, the automatic draft form can be found on the Public Utilities Documents page.

Q. Do you have a night deposit box?

A. The night deposit box is located in front of the Administration Building on 102 East Spring Street in Troy.

Q. What can I do to get County Water on my road?

A. You can contact customer service at (910)576-4221 to get a petition for water service on your road.

Q. Do I have to apply in person?

A. Yes. A copy of our application is available on the Public Utilities Documents page for you to print out and bring with you along with your deposit fee and two forms of identification.