Human Resources

Employee Benefits


HOLIDAYS: 12 Paid Holidays per year 

VACATION LEAVE: 8 hours per month. Increases after 2 years (10hrs), 5yrs (12hrs), 10yrs (14hrs), 15 yrs (16hrs) 20yrs (18hrs), and 25yrs (20hrs). Vacation leave is earned on the basis of length of service in a local or state governmental retirement system. Any hours in excess of 240 as of January 1 will be converted to sick leave. 

SICK LEAVE: 8 hours per month at hire. Increases after 2 years to 10 hrs/mo. Sick leave accumulates indefinitely and leave earned during employment with another qualified NC system can transfer in. Any unused regular and converted sick leave may be counted toward creditable service at retirement; 20 days equals one month of service. 

LOCAL GOVERNMENT RETIREMENT SYSTEM: NC Local Government Employees Retirement System participation is mandatory, 6% of your salary is deducted pre-tax. If you leave before retirement, you may withdraw the amount you contributed (plus 4% interest with at least 5 years of service). Employees are vested after a minimum of 5 years with benefits based on age and service requirements. 

RETIREMENT SYSTEM DEATH BENEFIT: At your death, your beneficiary receives an amount based on one year's compensation with a minimum of $25,000 and a maximum of $50,000. Benefit is available after 1 year of service. 

MEDICAL: BCBS (STATE HEALTH PLAN) is provided to employees at NO cost for the Traditional 70/30 plan. Additional plans and coverage, for children and spouses, are available at a cost to employees. 

401K (Voluntary): County will match up to 5% for 401(k) Retirement Plan with Prudential. 

DENTAL: Dental coverage with Guardian is a voluntary plan paid by the employee by payroll deduction. 

VISION: Vision insurance with Guardian is a voluntary plan paid by the employee by payroll deduction. 

Other insurance provided by Guardian: Flexible spending account, term life, cancer, short term disability, long term disability, critical illness, and accident. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Administered by Guardian.