Public Utilities

Convenience Sites

109 South Site                      Onvil Site
4513 NC Hwy 109 S.             414 Onvil Rd. 
Mt. Gilead, NC                       Mt. Gilead, NC  
910-439-4446                        910-572-8114 
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Biscoe Site                           Windblow Site            
243 Coggins Rd.                   1569 Windblow Rd.
Biscoe, NC                            Jackson Springs, NC
910-428-2979                        910-974-3138
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Blain Road Site                    Pee Dee Site
560 Blaine Rd.                      902 C C Camp Rd.
New London, NC                  Mt. Gilead, NC
336-461-3103                       910-439-9130
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Brutonville Site                   Pekin Site
421 East Vivian                    209 NC Hwy 731 E.
Candor, NC                           Candor, NC
910-974-3132                      910-439-4053
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Ether Site                            Swift Island Site
2555 US 220 Alt N.             7883 NC Hwy 73 W.
Seagrove, NC                      Mt. Gilead, NC
910-428-2737                      910-439-6273
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Love Joy Site                      Uwharrie Site
3536 Love Joy Rd.              710 Correll Rd.
Troy, NC                               Troy, NC 27371
910-576-4225                      910-576-4224
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Convenience Sites - Hours of Operation

Summer Schedule - April 1st to Oct. 31st
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 7am-7pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday Closed

Winter Schedule - Nov. 1st to March 31st 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 7am-6pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday Closed

Brutonville Site will be open Monday – Saturday and closed on Sunday.
Swift Island & Blaine Sites will be open on Sundays from 1pm-7pm all year round.


Convenience Sites - Rules & Regulations

Leaving trash while stations are closed is illegal and violators will be prosecuted. These convenience sites are for Montgomery County residents only. If you have any other questions please call one of the convenience sites listed above.

All 12 sites have a solid waste compactor and a 250-gallon oil recycling container. The work containers accept household waste, but no large items (like furniture). 

All solid waste shall be deposited inside the solid waste convenience centers within the appropriate containers provided. No solid waste may be left at the solid waste disposal site outside the convenience center.

No site can accept white goods (refrigerator, microwave oven, etc.), scrap metal, or wire. Residents are encouraged to take these products directly to the site of Uwharrie Environmental Landfill for special handling. 

All sharp objects, including needles, syringes, and scalpel blades, whether broken or unbroken, shall be placed in sealed, puncture-proof containers prior to disposal.

The following wastes may NOT be deposited in solid waste containers at convenience sites: 

- Radioactive wastes

- Hazardous wastes

- Asbestos

- Pesticides or herbicides

- Poisons

- Chemicals

- Regulated medical waste

- Commercial, industrial, and institutional wastes

- Liquid wastes

- Dead animals

- Burning or smoldering materials, or any other materials that would create a fire hazard

- Wet or dry sludge

- Tires

- Construction and demolition wastes

- Lead acid batteries 

- Used oil

- Antifreeze 

- Yard waste

No person may remove any item from a solid waste container, climb on or into a container, damage, or willfully set fire to or attempt to set fire to contents of a container.

A clearly identified "second chance area" may be established at a convenience center site. This area is for items the attendant deems appropriate for reuse that may be reclaimed by residents who come to the convenience site.

The following sites have open containers and can accept larger household items: 109 South, Blaine, Brutonville, Lovejoy, Onvil, Pee Dee, Pekin, and Windblow.

Please call 910-576-4225 with any questions about solid waste disposal.

If you have any other questions please call one of the convenience sites listed above.