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Why Early Prenatal Care is Important

The Montgomery County Department of Health along with the Child Fatality Task Force would like to inform people on the importance of early prenatal care for expecting mothers. The infant mortality (death before 1 year of age) rate in Montgomery County has historically been higher than the state average.

Through proper prenatal care, both mom and baby can experience better health outcomes, including a lower risk of infant mortality. To see the most positive outcomes, it is important to begin receiving prenatal care as soon as possible during pregnancy. Newly pregnant women should call to schedule their first check up during the first 6 to 8 weeks of their pregnancy. Getting early and regular care allows doctors the chance to find and deal with problems as soon as possible.

During the initial pregnancy appointment, the provider will screen for several conditions and diseases that can affect the baby’s development. This allows them to take early action in keeping the baby as healthy as possible. These visits will also educate an expecting mother on the steps to take to keep her baby healthy and allow it to keep developing correctly. While some women may already have some of this information, these visits are still an important part of pregnancy. They allow the mother to have a conversation with her provider about her situation and pregnancy and ask any questions she might have.

While many of the conditions that are screened for affect the baby, some, such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia can have negative consequences for the mother as well. Some conditions are determined by genetics rather than the choices we make, and the only way to address them is by consulting with a doctor. By taking the time now for proper prenatal care, a woman can save herself time and money later down the road by finding and preventing potential complications early.

Many women choose not to receive prenatal care because they don’t know where to go or because they are afraid the cost will be too high. However, the Montgomery County Department of Health is the only prenatal care provider in the county and offers affordable rates for all. The Department of Health accepts most insurance. You can help improve the health of you and your baby by scheduling an appointment today!

Our staff of experienced healthcare professionals works one on one with each patient to ensure they are receiving care appropriate for their situation. The Department of Health also rewards their postpartum patients for coming to their appointment after their baby is born by giving each patient a box of diapers. If you or someone you know would like to schedule their prenatal care appointment with the Montgomery County Department of Health please call 910-572-1393.