Library Card Policy

Sandhill Regional Library System

Library Card Policy


Resident Cards

Library cards are free to any person who is a resident of, works or goes to school in, or owns real property in the five-county area served by SRLS.  Cards are valid for two years.

A photo ID and something showing local address is required for a library card.  If their photo ID is up-to-date and shows their current address, then that is all that is needed to obtain a card. 

If their photo ID does not have their current address, the following are examples of what may be used:


Photo ID

  • Driver’s license or state ID card [any state]
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • Student ID card


Proof of local address

  • Vehicle or voter registration
  • Lease or rental agreement
  • Tax record
  • Cancelled mail dated within last 30 days or utility bill
  • Personal check


Only one card is allowed per person within the SRLS system libraries. A person with a valid SRLS library card may check out materials from or use a public computer at any library in the Sandhill Regional Library System.  A card cannot be used to check out materials or to access a public computer if it has overdue items or $20 or more in charges or fines on it.

Cardholders are financially responsible for anything checked out on their card, including overdue fines. Allowing others to use one’s card is done at one’s own risk (see also Lost or Stolen Cards).


Children’s & Young Adult Cards

Children and young adults ages 15 and under must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult when applying for or renewing a card.  The parent/guardian/responsible adult:

  • Must provide a current photo ID and proof of current address.  Acceptable forms of identification are the same as those listed under Resident Cards
  • Must have no overdues and less than $20 in charges on his or her own card.
  • Is financially responsible for anything checked out on the child’s card.  This includes items that are returned late, lost, or damaged.

If the parent/guardian/responsible adult has their own library card, the child’s card should be linked to theirs in the circulation system.

In the circulation system children ages 0-11 will be classified as Juvenile while those ages 12-17 are classified as Young Adult. Please note that while the presence of a parent/guardian/responsible adult is not required for teens 16 & older who possess a state-issued ID, driver’s permit, or driver’s license in order to obtain a library card, they are still classified as Young Adults.


Non-Resident Cards

Non-residents (those who do not live, work, attend school or own property in the five-county SRLS service area) may purchase a full access card for an annual, non-refundable fee of $10 which should be deposited in the appropriate local account.  This applies to non-residents of all ages.

Non-resident applicants must apply in person, and proof of identity and current address is required.  Acceptable forms of identification are the same as those listed under Resident Cards.  If applicable, non-residents should provide both a local and a permanent address. 

Non-resident cardholders have the same privileges and responsibilities as resident cardholders.  Cards expire after one year.


eCards or Online Borrower Cards

Those interested in accessing online resources only (including NC LIVE, Overdrive, Freading, Zinio, Open Library, and One Click Digital) may obtain a free digital eCard number by filling out the online borrower registration (OBR) form on the SRLS website.  A short interval may be required before card numbers becomes active, but, in most cases, same day access will be possible.

Because physical library cards are not actually issued to eCard borrowers, they are responsible for remembering their card and PIN numbers.

eCards are good for two years and feature no overdue fees, as all online resources are automatically returned on their due dates.

Patrons already possessing physical SRLS library cards (and therefore already possessing card and PIN numbers) are not eligible for eCards. 



Institutional Cards

Institutions such as day care centers, nursing homes, shelters, or group homes may apply for an institutional card.  The application should be made by the owner, director, or other comparable person representing the business or agency who has both administrative and financial authority to be responsible for the materials checked out on the card.


Computer Use Only Cards

Individuals who either do not qualify for or do not want any of the above patron cards may obtain a Computer Use Only card.  This card allows patrons to use the public computers at any SRLS branch, but does not allow check out of materials or use of online resources such as eBooks or eAudio.

Staff should, however, encourage any qualified county resident who wishes to use the computer to go ahead and apply for a full-access Resident library card. 



Card Renewals

Expired cards may be renewed if there are no blocks or fines of $20 or more attached to the customer record.  Except for eCards, library cards must be renewed in person with a current photo ID and proof of address.  A parent/guardian/responsible adult must be present to renew a child’s card.

Cardholders are responsible for providing their current contact information.  SRLS will not sell or share this information.


Replacement Cards

The non-refundable fee for a replacement card is $1.

Library cards may be replaced free in these instances:

  • Card is worn out from use, and the damaged card is presented to staff
  • Card has been stolen
  • Card has been destroyed by an act of nature


Lost or Stolen Cards

Cardholders should report a lost or stolen card immediately by calling or visiting any SRLS branch. Staff will immediately block the card and note the date in the comments field.

Cardholders are responsible for all items checked out on their card up to the time it is reported lost or stolen, including overdue fines or other fees.

If cardholders notice items checked out on their library account that they do not recognize, it is their responsibility to contact any SRLS branch immediately.

 Approved by the Sandhill Regional Board of Trustees on July 28, 2016