Planning Department

Montgomery County Planning Board

Planning Boards are advocates of the public interest. The decisions of the Planning Board should reflect the highest public good for the entire community and not for one individual, business, or corporation. 

Duties of the Montgomery County Planning Board:

  • Hold public meetings.
  • Review requests from citizens for rezoning property, conditional use permits, text amendments, and residential planned developments.
  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners.
  • Reviews and approves cluster developments and traditional subdivisions. 
  • Involved in planning related projects such as the Land Use Plan and other comprehensive or strategic plans. 

The Montgomery County Planning Board holds regular meetings on the 4th Monday of each month. The Board does not meet in December. The Planning Board meeting schedule can be found HERE.

There are five (5) members of the Planning Board, each appointed by a Commissioner. Current Planning Board members include:

  • Navonne Moore - Chair
  • Bryan Reynolds - Vice Chair
  • Chip Hurley
  • Ray Deaton
  • Steven Hurley