Public Utilities

Engineering & Planning

pump cansMCPU Engineering & Planning serves as the administrative division of the department and is responsible for the development and implementation of budgets, policies, sustainable programs, capital projects, and asset management that ensure our utilities are viable for years to come. 

Recently completed capital projects include the rehabilitation of our raw water intake, a new high service pump station, new alum sludge treatment facilities, and new water lines to serve areas with contaminated well water. 


MCPU 2015.03 Correll Road Hydraulic Improvements
MCPU 2015.04 Biscoe Meter Vault Rehabilitation 
MCPU 2016.03 Asset Inventory & Assessment 
MCPU 2018.01 Chemical Feed Rehabilitation
MCPU 2018.02 Booster Pump Station 1&2 Rehabilitation
MCPU 2018.03 Fairway Shores North Line Replacement
MCPU 2018.04 Fairway Shores South Line Replacement 




WATER: Cost vs. Value

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