Tax Department

The Tax Administrators Office

The Administrators Office is responsible for maintaining records of real and personal property ownership for use as a basis for ad valorem taxation. This information is collected and used on a yearly basis and begins in January of each year during the listing period. Real property is permanently listed and does not require the owner to re-list every year. Personal property such as unregistered vehicles, multi-year or permanently tagged vehicles, boats, boat motors, jet skis, wave runners, farm machinery, campers, mobile homes, airplanes and business personal property must be listed every year in January. Tax bills are usually printed in July-August each year after the tax rate is set.

The Administrators Office is responsible for collecting all county real estate taxes as well as real estate taxes for 4 of the 5 towns, they are Biscoe, Star, Candor, and Mount Gilead. The town of Troy collects their own taxes. There are 3 fire districts that are also collected; they are Lake Tillery, Badin Lake and Wadeville. In accordance with North Carolina General Statutes, the collector is given authority to use all remedies to collect delinquent taxes including: garnishment of wages, attachment of funds such as bank accounts or money owed to the taxpayer, levy on personal property, Debt Setoff and foreclosure of real estate.

The Administrators Office is responsible for maintaining data relating to real property in Montgomery County. This includes printing maps for the public or for insurance companies, attorneys, surveyors, engineers, etc. We have maps showing property boundary lines with aerial photography. You can go to the County GIS Website to look at property within Montgomery County’s jurisdiction.

The Administrators Office is responsible for the appraisal of all real property in Montgomery County. There are approximately 30,000 parcel of real property. North Carolina statutes require that all real property be revalued for tax purposes at least every eight years. Montgomery County was last revalued in 2020.  The next reappraisal is scheduled for 2028.



Q. When are taxes due?

A. Taxes are due September 1 but are not past due until January 5.

Q. Can taxes be paid online or by phone?

A. Yes, to pay online, visit or call 1-800-2PAY-TAX, use Jurisdiction Code 4373.  Official Payments, the service provider, charges a nominal fee for this service.

Q. When is the listing period? (The time to fill out for senior citizen exemption, list personal property: boats, campers, airplanes, business personal property, cars without current license tags and mobile homes).

A. Listing is to be done between January 2 and January 31 to avoid a late listing penalty of 10%.

Q. Who sets the tax rate?

A. The Montgomery County Board of Commissioners set the tax rate every year in June for the bills that go out in July-August.

Q. What if I do not agree with the value of my personal property?

A. You may appeal your value of your personal property within 30 days of notification of the value usually on the tax bill.