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Interstates & Highways


The addition of Interstate 73/74 in eastern Montgomery County will continue to transform our ability to quickly access major markets across the southeastern United States and beyond. Heading north on I-73/74 leads you directly into either Greensboro (I-73) or Winston Salem (I-74).  But even before that you’ll reach the crossroads of two other major Interstates—I-85 and I-40. With 85, you can turn south and go all the way to Atlanta, or turn north and run through Durham on your way to the junction with I-95 just south of Richmond. And Interstate 40 is a true coast-to-coast freeway. Turn east and you’ll go to the historic port city of Wilmington, turn west and you’ll eventually run into the greater Los Angeles area.


In addition to our excellent north/south connectivity, you’ll find easy traveling east and west as well. And even though our primary east/west route—NC Highway 27—isn’t an interstate, it’s a great option for vehicles of all sizes. It’s just a short ride down 27 to the Queen City of Charlotte, and heading west will lead you to US Highway 15/501, then US 1, and into the fast-growing Triangle communities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.