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Rabies - 6/13/2024

Attention Residents near Ball Park Road in Biscoe,

The Montgomery County Health Department wishes to inform residents that a raccoon in the vicinity of Ball Park Road has tested positive for the rabies virus. Rabies is present in our local wildlife year-round. To safeguard yourself and your family, please consider the following precautions:

Avoid direct contact with wildlife, whether alive or deceased.
Supervise pets while outdoors.
Refrain from approaching, attempting to interact with, or rescuing wildlife.
Be cautious of animals displaying unusual behavior.
Do not intervene in animal fights.
Feed pets indoors.
Report any suspicious animal activity.

In the event of an animal bite (domestic or stray), cleanse the wound with soap and water immediately, seek medical attention, and notify the Health Department.

Per North Carolina law, ensure all domestic pets are vaccinated against rabies.

For inquiries regarding this notice, please contact the Health Department at 910-572-1393. Stay vigilant and stay safe.