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Rescind Boil Water Advisory 10.13.21


 On Tuesday, October 12th Montgomery County Public Utilities issued a boil water advisory to its customers located in the area of Highway 24/27 near Lemons Road, River Road, Carolina Forest, Woodrun, Windemere Point, and nearby areas.  This advisory was related to outages for the installation of new water lines.

 Laboratory analysis of water samples have confirmed that the water is safe for human consumption and it is no longer advised to boil water used for human consumption.

 Customers may continue to see some discoloration and air in the lines.  This does not represent a public health risk in and of themselves.  Flushing your system by leaving a faucet running should clear the lines. 

 Please contact Montgomery County Public Utilities at 910-439-6197 if you have any questions concerning this notice.  This message is being delivered through Montgomery County’s reverse 911 system and social media.  Please relay this information to neighbors and family.  Thank you.

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