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Rabies Precautionary Notice - 5/19/2024

The Montgomery County Health Department is urging residents in the Candor area to be aware of a wildlife encounter involving a potentially rabid animal. While the presence of rabies has not been officially confirmed, we deem it necessary to issue a precautionary notice to safeguard the well-being of our community, especially considering the recent increase in rabies cases within our local wildlife population.

What You Need to Know:

The captured fox is being processed by Montgomery County Animal Services and will undergo testing for rabies.

Rabies is a serious viral disease that affects the nervous system of mammals, including humans.

Rabies is typically transmitted through the saliva of an infected animal, often through bites or scratches.

It is important to avoid contact with wild or stray animals, including foxes, bats, raccoons, and skunks.

Here are some Precautionary Measures:

Keep pets indoors or supervised when outside.

Avoid feeding or approaching wild or stray animals.

If you or your pet encounter a potentially rabid animal, dial 911 immediately.

Ensure that pets are up to date on rabies vaccinations.

Spay and Neuter your pets to minimize roaming and unwanted encounters.


We will provide an update on the test results of the captured fox as soon as they become available.