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NC DMV Offers Counties Toolkit to Inform Residents about N.C. Real ID

Beginning in 2020, stricter federal security practices will go into effect, which will require airline passengers and visitors at federal facilities to provide more than just a traditional license for identification checks.  To avoid overwhelming lines, wait times or future delays, NC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) urges North Carolina residents to obtain a N.C. Real ID driver license now.  

NC DMV appreciates help by counties in getting the word out about the new requirements and has developed several toolkit resources, which include a fact sheet, key messages, videos, social media and other marketing materials to share this important information.  

Residents may bring documentation verifying their identity and current N.C. address to any driver license office to get a N.C. Real ID. The complete list of requirements is available online here. Residents can also schedule an appointment at any North Carolina driver license office by calling 919-715-7000.