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Election Day Student Assistant Poll Worker 101

Election Day Student Assistant Poll Worker 101 

Thank you for your interest in being a student assistant poll worker. Make an impact and some money. Poll workers are the hands, eyes, and ears that make elections happen. Without our team of dedicated, civic-minded individuals, we could not run smooth and transparent elections. Poll workers are needed now more than ever and your interest and willingness to contribute to our democracy is greatly appreciated.

Please read this page to its entirety. There’s a lot of important material here that we hope will make your decision easier. Through the Student Assistant Program, students who will be at least 17 years old by Election Day can work as Student Assistant Poll workers. 

You need to: 

  •     be a U.S. citizen,
  •     live in Montgomery County, 
  •     be in good academic standing, 

There are 14 precincts: Biscoe, Candor, Cheeks Creek, Eldorado, Little River, Mt. Gilead, Ophir, Pee Dee, Rocky Springs, Star, Troy 1, Troy 2, Uwharrie, and Wadeville. Each precinct needs one student assistant and larger precincts need two assistants. We will try to assign you to the precinct where you live but may need you in a different precinct.


Students must complete the student assistant application and obtain signatures from a parent/guardian and from a school principal. 


The Primary Election is Tuesday, March 5, 2024, and the General Election is Tuesday, November 5, 2024. If you would like to be a poll worker for either of these important elections, please put the dates in your calendar now! You will need to be free all day. 

There are three components to working as an Election Day poll worker and you must do all three to be paid – yes, poll workers are paid! 

  1. You will need to attend ONE of the following trainings:
  • February 7
  • February 8
  • February 12
  • or February 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the Board of Elections office in downtown Troy at 327 North Main Street. Phone 910-572-2024
  1. Meet your team in the afternoon or early evening on the Monday before the election at the polling place (precinct) to set everything up. This is arranged by the precinct supervisor, known as the Chief Judge, and it should take no more than two hours.
  2. Work on Election Day from 6 a.m. until approximately 8:30-9 p.m. This is a statutory requirement, and you must remain at the precinct for the entire day unless there is a medical or other emergency. You will need to bring your own meals. 


It surprises some people to learn that poll workers are not volunteers. Compensation for poll workers on Election Day depends on their position. Election Day precincts are staffed with a chief judge, two party judges and assistants. Students may work as assistants and will be paid $9.00 an hour/about $130. This is a flat fee for completing all the job commitments.

Please click here for the Student Election Assistant Application.