Sheriff's Office

Support Services

Incident Reports

Incident reports are completed by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office for the purpose of documenting crimes, recording lost or found property as well as certain other incidents. If the incident occurs in a local municipality, you should file a report with the appropriate municipal law enforcement agency. If the incident occurs in the county and you need to file an incident report you may call the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at 910-572-1313 or visit the Sheriff's Office during business hours.


Certain jobs or background checks require the applicant be fingerprinted.  The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office does fingerprinting on Wednesday and Thursday from 11am-1pm. The cost for fingerprinting is $10.00.

Sex Offender Registry

Persons convicted of certain crimes in North Carolina are required to register as sex offenders with their local Sheriff's Office. This registration may be for a certain number of years or for their lifetime depending on their conviction or registration date. The Sheriff's Office maintains a county registry, but a statewide registry is maintained online by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations. The statewide registry can be searched by county, address, name, zip code or coordinates. The registry provides a map of registered sex offenders with photographs and details of the crimes convicted.

Search the Statewide Sexual Offender Registry

Operation Medicine Drop

The Sheriff’s Office provides a safe method to dispose of unused and expired medication, which is a deterrent for drug abuse and reduces accidental poisonings. You may access the medicine drop box in the lobby of the sheriff’s office during business hours.