Living Here

Outdoor Recreation

More than half of Montgomery County is a National Forest, so it should come as no surprise that outdoor recreation is a huge part of our lives. Before we get into the “what,” we’d like to talk about the “where.”

The Uwharrie National Forest

Totaling more than 50,000 acres (that’s like 50,000 football fields), the Uwharrie National Forest gets its name from the Uwharrie Mountains—one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. The forest is open year-round and there are no entrance fees required. As such, it’s a magnet for people that enjoy the great outdoors. Download a map of the Uwharrie National Forest (PDF).


Water Sports

Badin Lake and Lake Tillery help form the western border of Montgomery County. These two lakes, which are formed by the Pee Dee River, combine to offer more than 10,000 surface acres of water. Perfect for sailing, skiing, fishing, swimming or just lounging on the shore!