Social Services

Montgomery County Department of Social Services

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Department Social Services

Our Mission:

The Mission of Montgomery County DSS is simple: "Serving others towards independence"

We rely on our six core values to keep us on track to complete our Mission.

  1. To meet or exceed the needs of the citizen.
  2. Maintain a positive, solution-based demeanor.
  3. Give and accept feedback appropriately and grow.
  4. Service Focused.
  5. Be direct and kind.
  6. Maintain quality assurance requirements


Montgomery County Department of Social Services Foster Care at the 2017 Candor Peachy Feet 5k Run

Montgomery County Foster Care Team at the 2017 Peachy Feet 5K

The Foster Care team from Child Protective Services came out to the Candor Peachy Feet 5K to hand out water to all the runners. Montgomery County DSS is actively seeking foster parents. If interested in more information about becoming a foster parent, please call 910-576-6531.