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Public Invited to Comment on Proposed Social Services Block Grant Plan

Public comment is sought on the proposed Social Services Block Grant Plan, which outlines how $72.9 million in federal social services block grant funds will be spent in North Carolina in the coming state fiscal year. The Social Services Block Grant is the major source of federal funding for several programs, including: adoption, counseling, adult day care and foster care, protective services for adults, housing and residential treatment. Other uses may include child care for child welfare cases, community-based services for elderly and disabled adults, mental health services, transportation and other human services programs.

The public hearing will be held Thursday, June 28, from noon-1 p.m. at the Division of Social Services, 820 S. Boylan Ave., McBryde Building, 1st Floor Conference Room 151, Dorothea Dix Campus, Raleigh, NC. The written plan can be viewed at Montgomery County Department of Social Services, or online at: Social Services Block Grant Plan for Fiscal Year 2018-2019.

Services for Adults

Adult Services Programs offer support to elderly and disabled adults, provide protective services to vulnerable adults and regulate certain residential services. In addition, we offer employment services to adults receiving work first cash assistance and offer other supportive services to recipients of various financial assistance programs. Programs that we administer include:

Adult Protective Services (APS)

APS evaluates reports alleging that disabled adults with a physical or mental incapacity or elderly adults are abused, neglected, or exploited and are in need of protective services. Our goal is to determine whether the adult is able to perform or obtain for himself/herself essential services or is without able, willing, and responsible persons to perform or obtain those services on the client’s behalf. We assess the situation to determine what services are needed to protect the adult and prevent further mistreatment.


MCDSS must sometimes initiate or help families initiate guardianship proceedings for incompetent adults. When MCDSS is appointed the guardian for a person, we provide case management and make decisions for individuals that the court has adjudicated incompetent and appointed DSS as guardian. In some situations, we may contract case management services out to a private vendor.

There are 4 types of guardianship appointments:

  • Guardian of the Person
  • Guardian of the Estate
  • General Guardian
  • Limited Guardianship (which means that a person may be competent to make decisions in some areas, but unable to make decisions in other areas of his/her life).

Facility Licensing and Monitoring Services

MCDSS licenses and monitors family care homes (6 beds or less), adult care homes (7 beds or more), assisted living facilities, adult day health centers and adult day care centers for compliance with state/federal rules and regulations. We also investigate complaints of non-compliance in facilities and provide technical assistance to facility staff. Public records are kept at DSS on all monitoring complaints, state surveys, and penalties.

Adult Care Home Resident Discharge

MCDSS takes the lead role for discharge destination for those residents of Adult Care Homes who have received a discharge notice and at the time of discharge the destination is not appropriate or is unknown. These services are for residents whose primary unment needs are related to health, Alzheimer's Disease, other dementia, abuse or neglect.

Special Assistance In-Home Program

This program provides case management and coordination of services to eligible Medicaid residents who are receiving no other Medicaid Case Management services. This program allows individuals to stay in a private living arrangement as an alternative to assisted living placement.

Representative Payee

DSS is appointed representative payee for some citizens who receive funds such as SSI, Social Security, And SA In-Home and have been determined unable to manage these funds themselves. We are responsible for paying the client’s bills and managing their money appropriately.

If you wish to speak to someone please feel free to contact the Adult Services Program Manager:

Tomesia Courtney
Office: 910-576-6531 x. 1158
FAX: 910-576-5016
102 East Spring Street Drawer N
Troy NC, 27371