Administration & Finance Office

Mission Statement

(1) To deliver high-quality public service; 
(2) To improve the economic, educational, social, and physical quality of our community; and
(3) To provide the highest quality of financial services.

Key Values

(1) We will provide information effectively and efficiently to meet the needs of our citizens. 
(2) All tasks are completed in an efficient and timely manner.
(3) Ethical behavior is essential to successful operation. 
(4) Citizens deserve a responsive attitude and our employees go the extra mile to be helpful in meeting the needs of all persons without prejudice.
Finance Office Staff 
Brady, Lorrie :: Banking & Receipts Specialist
Kennedy, Mary :: Payments & Vehicles Specialist
Stuart, Belinda :: Payroll Specialist & Accountant
Daniels, Amber :: County Finance Director

Other Staff in Department of Administration

Coffin, Misty :: Clerk to the Board & Administrative Assistant
Heath, Savannah :: Economic Development Director
Jones, Renee :: Human Resources Director
Maness, Frankie :: County Manager