Administration & Finance Office

Beginning Budget

The most important documents related to the County's budget are the County Manager's Budget Message, that offers views of the County Manager, and the Budget Ordinance that, once adopted, becomes a legal document that sets the County's budget. Please see below for these important documents updated each year.

Caution: Please be advised that some of the files below are very large and may take several minutes to download.

FY2022 Budget Documents

FY2022 Budget Message
FY2022 Budget Ordinance



FY2021 Budget Documents

FY2021 Budget Message
FY2021 Budget Ordinance
FY2021 Budget Message-Interim
FY2021 Budget Ordinance-Interim

FY2020 Budget Documents

FY2020 Budget Message
FY2020 Budget Ordinance

FY2019 Budget Documents

FY2019 Budget Message
FY2019 Budget Ordinance

FY2018 Budget Documents

FY2018 Budget Message
FY2018 Budget Ordinance

FY2017 Budget Documents

FY2017 Budget Message
FY2017 Budget Ordinance

FY2016 Budget Documents

FY2016 Budget Message
FY2016 Budget Ordinance

FY2015 Budget Documents

FY2015 Budget Message
FY2015 Budget Ordinance

FY2014 Budget Documents

FY2014 Budget Message
FY2014 Budget Ordinance
FY2014 Budget Package

FY2013 Budget Documents

FY2013 Budget Message
FY2013 Budget Ordinance
FY2013 Budget Printout