Administration & Finance Office

Financial Reports

For information about the County's finances, choose from following types of financial reports:
      a. monthly financial reports to Board of County Commissioners (view board meeting documents)
      b. SAFE Reports (for succinct --and easier to understand-- version of audited financials)
      c. Annual Financial and Compliance Report (aka audited financials)

SAFE (Succinct Annual Financial Expression) Reports

FY2020 SAFE Report

FY2019 SAFE Report 

FY2018 SAFE Report 

FY2017 SAFE Report 

FY2016 SAFE Report 

Annual Financial and Compliance Reports

Caution: Please be advised that some of the files below are very large and may take several minutes to download, depending on the download speed of your connection.

FY2020 Annual Compliance Report (1.5 MB)

FY2020 Annual Financial Report (2.2 MB)

FY2019 Annual Financial and Compliance Report (3.1 MB)

FY2018 Annual Financial and Compliance Report (3.2 MB)

FY2017 Annual Financial and Compliance Report (1.8 MB)

FY2016 Annual Financial and Compliance Report (4.3 MB)

FY2015 Annual Financial and Compliance Report (4.2 MB)

FY2014 Annual Financial and Compliance Report (1.4 MB)

FY2013 Annual Financial and Compliance Report (0.7 MB)