Health Department

Environmental Health

Environmental Health WILL CLOSE FOR LUNCH EACH DAY AT 12:00 P.M. (NOON) UNTIL 1:00 P.M. 

Environmental Health is the science of the well being of man as related to his environment, including both the effects of man on his surroundings and the effects of his surroundings on him.

Environmental Health duties are performed by Environmental Health Specialists/Sanitarians. These EHS/Sanitarians are professional, non-medical practitioners of sanitation, qualified by education and experience. In accordance with Chapter 90A of the General Statutes of North Carolina, Environmental Health Specialists/Sanitarians must have a bachelor's degree and at least 30 hours in physical or biological science, at the time of their employment. Environmental Health Specialists will start as an intern and must within three (3) years of employment, successfully pass the Board examination for registration as a sanitarian.

For additional information, please consult:

Location: Montgomery County Central Permitting 

County government office in Troy, North Carolina


  • Public swimming pool inspections

  • On-site sewage sanitation (soil evaluations, system inspections, and repair consultations)

  • Lead investigations

  • Water sample analysis: chemical, bacteriological

  • Food and Lodging

  • Tattoo Parlor Permit

  • Wells