Uwharrie National Forest

Mountain Biking

Wood Run Mountain Bike Trail

The Wood Run Mountain Bike Trail system offers 22 miles of trails. Park at the Wood Run Trailhead on NC24/27 between Troy and Albemarle. It is 10 miles west of Troy and two miles east of the Tillery Bridge, unload, then enjoy the leisurely pace of Wood Run Road as you prepare to take on the rough and rocky Keyauwee and Supertree Trails.

Wood Run Road
11 miles. Easy. The gated and graveled road heads north from the parking lot. Round trip is approximately 11 miles.

Supertree Trail
5 miles. Easy to Moderate. Connects to Wood Run Road 1.75 miles in. Supertree is 5 miles long. Ride this loop clockwise for more single track downhill. Marked with double white blazes.

Keyauee Trail
6 miles. More Difficult. Connects to Wood Run Road 2.6 miles in. Ride this loop counterclockwise for more single track downhill. Marked with double white blazes.

Badin Lake Recreation Area Trails

There are 40 miles with 25 named trails varying in length and difficulty that are great for hiking, trail running, mountain biking and horseback riding. Trails are open year round free of charge. There are toilets in the area.

  • Name- Length- Rating- Blaze
  • Greg's Loop- 1.5 miles- Easy- Green
  • Blackburn- 2.2 miles- Easy- Green
  • Josh- 2 miles- Easy- Green
  • Lake Trail- 1.1 miles- Easy- Green
  • Leslie- 1.2 miles- Moderate- Dark Green
  • Big Rock Loop- 1.2 miles- Moderate- Dark Green
  • Tony- 1.8 miles- Moderate- Dark Green
  • Todd- 2.1 miles- Moderate- Dark Green
  • Indian- 1.1 miles- Easy- Magenta
  • Megan- 1.7 miles- Easy- Magenta
  • Home- 2.5 miles- Easy- Magenta
  • Larry- 1.5 miles- Easy- Magenta
  • Helen's Loop- 2.2 miles- Easy- Magenta
  • River- 3.6 miles- Moderate- Salmon
  • Wren- 0.3 miles- Easy- Salmon
  • Tanager- 0.7 miles- Easy- Salmon
  • Rudolph- 0.3 miles- Easy- Salmon
  • Burl Tree Way- 1.7 miles- Easy- Salmon
  • Morgan- 1.7 miles- Easy- Salmon
  • Hang Glider- 1.4 miles- Difficult- Salmon
  • Buttermilk- 1 mile- Moderate- Salmon
  • Berner- 0.6 mile- Easy- Yellow
  • Fraley- 2.5 miles- Difficult- Yellow
  • Bates- 1.7 miles- Moderate- Yellow
  • Robbins- 1.7 miles- Easy- Yellow