As the services and responsibilities of local government are complex, counties rely on a professional manager to tend to the day-to-day management of the county.

The Montgomery County manager’s major powers and duties are as follows:

  • The manager has administrative control over all county employees and agents under the board’s direct control, except those elected by the people or appointed directly by the board.
  • The manager prepares and submits the annual budget and capital improvement plan to the board.
  • The manager is responsible for the faithful execution of the board’s orders, resolutions, and regulations.

The County Manager in North Carolina has been described as the “eyes, ears, and legs” of the board of commissioners. In addition to their administrative duties, managers gather facts, do research, receive information, and communicate the board’s views to the public. Many boards require the manager to serve as a coordinator or liaison officer among groups within the county and between the county and state and federal agencies. Within the county the manager may work on problems with the boards of education, elections, health, and social services; with chambers of commerce and industrial promotion groups; with airport, drainage, fire, planning, sanitation, water, and zoning boards and authorities; and with numerous other public and private groups

Source Handbook For North Carolina County Commissioners, Ferrell 3rd edition.

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