Department of Social Services

Child maltreatment is a preventable problem and the past year has shown us that supporting families is essential to prevent child maltreatment. All adults play a role in creating caring connections and nurturing environments for the healthy development of our future generation of parents, leaders, and community member. North Carolina’s future prosperity depends on it. Pleaes join Montgomery County DSS and Prevent Child Aubse North Carolina by being a connection for NC children. 

There Is a New Way to Get Medicaid Health Care

Most people will get the same Medicaid services in a new way: through health plans. A health plan is a group of doctors, hospitals, and other providers that work together to give you the health care you need. All plans haveto cover office services like check ups, blood tests, and X-rays, but some plans may also offer programs to help quit smoking, eat healthier, or exercise more. You can choose the health plan that is best for you. To keep your current doctor, clinic, or health provider, find out which health plan they work with. You can also choose a new primary care provider. 

To find out more, visit You can also search to find which plans cover your doctors or enroll in plans online. You can also call 1-833-870-5500 for more information or to enroll by phone. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

The Montgomery County Health Department is currently giving the COVID-19 vaccine to those 65 years and older, health-care workers who care for or work with COVID-19 patients, and staff responsible for cleaning and maintenance of those areas. 

All appointments have been scheduled for vaccine doses currently available. As more vaccines are received, the Health Department will schedule additional appointments if you have submitted a form. You can submit a form online, print a form online, pick up a form at the Troy library, or register by phone at 910-572-1393 ext. 1236. Completed forms can be placed in the overnight drop box outside the Administration Building lobby.  

For more information  on vaccines please visit: You Have a Spot. Take Your Shot.

If you are are uninsured, you may be eligible for help paying for coronavirus (COVID-19) testing costs. For information on how to apply, please visitNC Medicaid Coronavirus Resources 

 Not feeling well? Use Check My Symptoms to find out if you should get tested for COVID19. Go to Looking for a testing site? Visit Find My Testing Place. 

Montgomery County DSS: Public Office Hours 9am - 4pm

We are currently open to the public with some restrictions. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 we are taking the following precautions:

  • Our office hours have been reduced to allow for extra cleaning.
  • A limited number of clients will be allowed in the agency at one time. You may be required to wait outside.
  • You may only have one guest or authorized representative with you.
  • You will be asked screening questions and have your temperature taken at the door.
  • You will be required to wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you.
  • All of our employees wear face masks and have Plexiglas dividers on desks.

Before you visit - Here's how we can help you from your home

You can complete your application for benefits from home in most cases. Interview requirements have been relaxed or reduced. Check out the options below to contact us or submit paperwork without visiting the office. 

  • Call 910-576-6531 or email
  • Paper applications for Food and Nutrition Services, Medicaid, CIP (Energy Assistance), and Child Care are available outside the DSS entrance. 
  • Apply for Child Support online
  • Apply for FNS, Medicaid, Energy Assistance, and Child Care 
  • Submit documents electronically using our secure, online drop box:
  • Email documentation to your caseworker. If you have a smart phone, you can take a picture of any requested verifications and email the photo to your caseworker.
  • Call your caseworker instead of coming into the office. We will do our best to return all voicemails within 24 hours.
  • Drop off any documentation at the drop box at the Administration Building entrance. This is around the corner from DSS, directly across from the Courthouse. 


Become a Volunteer for Meals on Wheels in Montgomery County

Montgomery County Meals on Wheels needs your help. We are looking for volunteer site coordinators at the Biscoe and Troy meal sites. We also need volunteers for delivery routes County wide. 

Meals on Wheels are more than just a meal. To many seniors the friendly volunteers who deliver meals in Montgomery County are the highlight of the day. Volunteers also help keep on eye on recipients' well-being and safety. Delivery time is typically between 10:30am and 1:00pm. Even one day a month makes a difference.

To find out how you can help, please call 910-572-0050 and leave your name and number. We'll call you back and provide more information. Or you can email Dema Cranford for more information. 


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Hawkins v. Cohen (5:17-CV-581 E.D.N.C.) is a federal lawsuit filed in 2017 on behalf of Medicaid beneficiaries in North Carolina. The case concerns improper terminations of Medicaid benefits.

 The Court hearing the case has certified it as a class action. This means that the case is to help not just the people who filed the case but other Medicaid beneficiaries whose Medicaid has been or will be terminated improperly. 

The Court has ordered the N.C. Medicaid agency to stop terminations or reductions of Medicaid benefits until eligibility under all Medicaid categories has been considered and advance notice of the right to a hearing has been mailed to you.   For example, if you get Medicaid based on having a minor child who is turning eighteen years old, your county Department of Social Services must consider whether you are disabled before they stop your Medicaid.

If you have any questions about this lawsuit or about your rights, you may contact the attorneys who filed the case, the Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy. You can reach these lawyers by calling this toll free number: 1-800-936-4971. You can also send the lawyers an email at

You also may contact these lawyers if you want to report that you lost your Medicaid without a decision that you were no longer eligible for Medicaid under any category or without receiving advance written notice that your Medicaid would stop. There is no cost to you for any help that these lawyers provide to you.

Click here for the full notice. 

Civil Rights and Accessibility  

Montgomery County Department of Social Services (MCDSS) complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, or sex. MCDSS does not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, or sex. For more information, click here